The network aims to unite people who are dedicated to the development and promotion of their particular artistic practise and who are keen to collaborate with other members on projects and events presented by the network or the individual.

Create Portugal é uma rede para artistas e artesãos de várias nacionalidades que vivem em Portugal. A rede tem por objectivo unificar pessoas que se dedicam ao desenvolvimento e promoção da sua prática individual artística e para quem é entusiasta na colaboração com outros membros em projectos e eventos apresentados pela rede ou de forma individual.



Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member to this group. I'm a woodworker from the U.S. living in Lisbon for the past four years. I make custom furniture which spans the range from utilitarian and elegant to sculptural and funky. I've had my shop set up in Lisbon for the past couple years and am currently looking to meet fellow artists/artisans as well as expand my client base. I welcome you all to view my website at and to come by for a visit.

Mike Oleson