The network aims to unite people who are dedicated to the development and promotion of their particular artistic practise and who are keen to collaborate with other members on projects and events presented by the network or the individual.

Create Portugal é uma rede para artistas e artesãos de várias nacionalidades que vivem em Portugal. A rede tem por objectivo unificar pessoas que se dedicam ao desenvolvimento e promoção da sua prática individual artística e para quem é entusiasta na colaboração com outros membros em projectos e eventos apresentados pela rede ou de forma individual.



Hi. I know it's a bit late in the day but I thought I'd let you know about my 'Open Days' at the pottery where I will be showing my latest works and fabulous glazes, serve some home made (by me) sweet and savoury scones and offer refuge from the storm with a little warm mulled wine.... and where you may find some handmade Xmas presents!

It's all happening this week end, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November from 15-19hrs in my workshop:
Rua dos Coelhos, 59, Qtª da Marinha, 2750-008, Cascais;
93 415 6882- call if you need directions.

Hope to see you there,


ETCHING WORKSHOPS - Casa do Celeiro, Colares

Etching is a 500 year old medium involving drawing on copper or zinc plates, ‘etching’ them, and printing from them on a press. Acid and non-acid techniques are taught including: drypoint(non-acid), hard ground, aquatinting and sugar lift among others(acid). It is an incredibly varied medium where ‘mistakes’ lead one to new and surprising ideas and results. Printing is one of the highpoints as well as experimenting with more than one technique on a plate.

Mary St.George is an experienced art teacher and artist who runs painting and etching workshops in her studio in Colares.

Time/Day: 10am – 5pm / Sundays or weekday by previous arrangement / Cost: €50 / lunch and materials included except printing plates (20% student discount)

Place: Casa do Celeiro, Pé da Serra, Colares

Contact: / 962447888 / call for map and directions



Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member to this group. I'm a woodworker from the U.S. living in Lisbon for the past four years. I make custom furniture which spans the range from utilitarian and elegant to sculptural and funky. I've had my shop set up in Lisbon for the past couple years and am currently looking to meet fellow artists/artisans as well as expand my client base. I welcome you all to view my website at and to come by for a visit.

Mike Oleson


Photos needed

does anyone know of a good 'product photographer' who is still affordable? i need professional photos of my ceramics for websites etc. i'm in Cascais...


Exhibition snapshots

Happy memories of exhibiting in the O Jardim exhibition in the Sala do Veado, Lisbon.

Next Create Portugal Meeting

This saturday 10th September at 11 am.
"A Caravana" Restaurante,
Rua Capelo Ivens, 102, Santarém.
Hope to see you there - Our exhibition in Lx Factory in Lisbon is in 8 weeks time.


Photos of our exhibition

ISart exhibition, 4th August, on show until the 31st of August at Tomar municipal library


ISart - Dawn and Bill

Hi all! Thank you Rebecca for inviting us to be a part of this blog. It is a pleasure to be part of this group! We leave here the link to our webpage and hope you enjoy the artwork we create. Looking forward to hearing more about the exhibition space you have mentioned!xx

New members

WELCOME, to our newest members, artists Dawn Mendonça, Bill Rivers and
Els Smulders - Waijers!
 Links to their work:
Els Smulders- Waijers

(You can also see a selection of Els´art at the Artefactos café in Dornes.)

and Dawn and Bill:


Gicleé Prints - made in Portugal!


Now you can have professional gicleé prints of your work, produced in Portugal by "Gicleé Portugal".
The company has a friendly team, swift service and is situated in the Algarve.
Printing projects can be managed via email and through the post, for those of us living further North.


Newest member?

My name is Agneta. I´m swedish and I live in Caldas da Rainha. I´ve lived in Portugal for more than 40 (!) years in different places.
Photographer, painter and sometime ceramisist.
I´ve had many shows over the years but it´s the first time I blog.
Caldas has many places for exhibitions, not least the new CCC ( Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Caldas).
I´ll keep you posted on what´s happening around here, now and then.
Looking forward to meeting you next time.



The last one.

Black & White

Last week I participated in a Black & White photo week on a photo forum and I would like to share my photos of that week. Thanks to Francisca Ribeiro and Jens Selin for being so kind to model a few times for me in their Quinta.

My intention was to shoot 7 photos from people with different emotion.


Works by Luis Baptista

I am happy to show you interesting pieces of work from the portfolio of artist Luis Baptista, who is also a Create Portugal member.
Cegonha and Orotonga
Thank you Luis.


Catharine Sens - Exhibition update and show in July

Catharine says;
Just an update to let you know that I had a 3-day solo exhibition of my oil paintings in Junceira from May 13-14-15. It was held at the historic municipal building in a spacious and elegant room, and the turnout was reasonably good. Response was very positive.

My next solo show will be for the entire month of July at the biblioteca in Tomar. The Festa dos Tabuleiros will take place during this time.

Catharine Sens

galerias de arte em portugal: Junho das Artes - Óbidos

galerias de arte em portugal: Junho das Artes - Óbidos: "De 9 a 26 de Junho está patente a 4ª edição Junho das Artes . O Junho das Artes procura a produção artística na sua construção conceptual e..."


Create Portugal´s Facebook blog

This blog is now represented by NetworkedBlogs (App) on facebook and will show the posts made on this site. This is in addition to Create Portugal´s own pages.
The lines of communication are well and truly open!


Update for members

Hello -
This post is to confirm that their is no network meeting arranged for this Saturday, 4th June.

We are still on the hunt for a space to use for our inaugural group exhibition - please keep looking, thank you!

Keep your information coming in about any shows you are having, what you are currently working on or any related art business news.

In Lisbon, Look out for Jens´s sardine with hearts logo for the Festas de Lisboa - starting tomorrow!

Best wishes to you all


ETCHING WORKSHOP - Casa do Celeiro, Colares, Sunday May 22

I run occasional etching workshops in my printing studio. The next one is Sunday May 22 from 10am - 5pm. I offer a variety of techniques including drypoint, aguaforte and aquatint among others and teach to the individual so am pleased to take beginners or those with experience. Cost is €50 including lunch and all materials except copper plates / 20% discount for students.

Get in touch for more information: asgmsg@gmail / 962447888


Mary´s response to the meeting and interesting link

I thought it exhilarating to meet new artists and discuss our hopes and plans for the future individually and as a group. Thank you Rebecca for starting this up.
I mentioned that I am registered with an artist exchange site (studio and/or accommodation around the world).
Here it is:



Quinta das Praias: On the train to Barcelona

Quinta das Praias: On the train to Barcelona: "By Francisca Ribeiro On the train to Barcelona is my first stop motion experience, made with 215 images photographed in mid October from ..."

Quinta das Praias: Suziie Wang

Quinta das Praias: Suziie Wang: "We have been visited again and this time of a international group of people, Amy from Australia, Maya from Bulgaria, Christian from Sweden..."


Portrait of a Schnauzer by Rebecca R.Ferreira

Happy Easter.


The blog is created!
This blog is for the new artist´s network, Create Portugal.

Welcome - Bem Vindo!  to all those artists, of all nationalities, who are currently living in Portugal.



Exhibition of Artworks - LOBOS de MAFRA
by Mary St. George
Sunday, April 17 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm
 Museu Nacional de História Natural
 Rua Escola Politécnica 58, Lisboa

Exhibition November 2011

TO - Members of the Create Portugal network: Are you interested in taking part in our members exhibition in November? Please let me know as soon as possible - as we need to get things in motion. Thanks. Rebecca


Quote from: "Poverty and wealth of Creativity" Peter Aspden. F.T 5/3/11

"..And what of the art scene today? It is both easier and a lot more difficult to find. Art fairs and auctions trip over themselves to announce the brash launch of new talents; but they do not constitute a real scene, any more than a Sunday morning trip to Madame Tussauds. The underground is deeper underground, while the surface calls all the shots. We have confused noise with impact and true creativity is more elusive  than ever.


Create Portugal is now linked with its Facebook page and network founder.

Members of the network are invited to post and share these websites.

The first meetings

We have had our first meetings! It was a good beginning, very positive, with a lot to think about and plan, for the network´s success. Thank you to everyone who came.


The blog is created!
This blog is for the new artist´s network, Create Portugal.
Welcome - Bem Vindo! to artists, of all nationalities, living in Portugal.