The network aims to unite people who are dedicated to the development and promotion of their particular artistic practise and who are keen to collaborate with other members on projects and events presented by the network or the individual.

Create Portugal é uma rede para artistas e artesãos de várias nacionalidades que vivem em Portugal. A rede tem por objectivo unificar pessoas que se dedicam ao desenvolvimento e promoção da sua prática individual artística e para quem é entusiasta na colaboração com outros membros em projectos e eventos apresentados pela rede ou de forma individual.


Portrait of a Schnauzer by Rebecca R.Ferreira

Happy Easter.


The blog is created!
This blog is for the new artist´s network, Create Portugal.

Welcome - Bem Vindo!  to all those artists, of all nationalities, who are currently living in Portugal.



Exhibition of Artworks - LOBOS de MAFRA
by Mary St. George
Sunday, April 17 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm
 Museu Nacional de História Natural
 Rua Escola Politécnica 58, Lisboa

Exhibition November 2011

TO - Members of the Create Portugal network: Are you interested in taking part in our members exhibition in November? Please let me know as soon as possible - as we need to get things in motion. Thanks. Rebecca


Quote from: "Poverty and wealth of Creativity" Peter Aspden. F.T 5/3/11

"..And what of the art scene today? It is both easier and a lot more difficult to find. Art fairs and auctions trip over themselves to announce the brash launch of new talents; but they do not constitute a real scene, any more than a Sunday morning trip to Madame Tussauds. The underground is deeper underground, while the surface calls all the shots. We have confused noise with impact and true creativity is more elusive  than ever.