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Photo Exhibition, Sintra: 'As Pedras da Condessa'

I'm very happy to invite you to the opening of my exhibition of photographs 'As Pedras da Condessa' (The Countess's Stones) in Sintra, on Saturday, 4th of February at 18.00. If you can't manage that date, the exhibition runs until 10th of March (08.00 to 1900).

This exhibition of five large-format photographs focuses on a dramatic group of granite blocks, commonly known as the Pedras do Chalet, located alongside the Chalet of the Countess d'Edla, in the west of the Parque da Pena in Sintra. Here, between 1864-1869, King Ferdinand II and his second wife, Elise Hensler, Countess d'Edla established a haven for their new life together away from the bustle and business of the court. The Countess, actress, singer, lover of the arts and literature, played a key role in creating a garden around the chalet, full of trees and plants from the four corners of the earth. These huge stones are the most striking feature of this special and romantic setting. It is to these stones, and to the memories they evoke, that this exhibition is devoted - 'as Pedras da Condessa.'

The address is:
Espaço Edla
Rua Dr. Alfredo da Costa, nº.52
2710-523 Sintra
(parallel to the street with the Sintra train station)

Hope to see you there

Richard Hartnoll

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